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Crime Suppression Division


Captain Louis Pulford
Assistant Bureau Chief


The Crime Suppression Division is currently made up of three units.

  • Property Crimes Unit
  • Fugitive Apprehension Unit
  • Tactical Investigations Unit
  • Robbery Unit

The Property Crimes Unit is under the command of Lt. Brian Dotten. The Property Crimes Unit is made up of 13 Detectives, with one Detective specializing in Auto Thefts. The other 12 Detectives are divided into a North and South sector with 6 Detectives in the North and 6 Detectives in the South. Each sector has a Sgt. who assigns the cases to the Detectives. The North Sector Sgt. is also responsible for assigning cases to the Auto Theft Detective. The function of Property Crimes Detectives is to conduct follow-up investigations to identify and apprehend perpetrators of serious property crimes and provide support and services to other units within the agency.

The Fugitive Apprehension Unit is under the command of Sergeant Timothy Liberatore.  They are responsible for identifying and apprehending subjects in Marion County that have active warrants.  Each member of The Unit is responsible for a section of Marion County. They gather leads, conduct surveillance, and ultimately apprehend wanted individuals.  The Unit also works closely with other agencies to follow up when leads indicate a wanted individual has fled Marion County.  One member of the Fugitive Apprehension Unit is also a member of the U.S. Marshal’s Service Regional Fugitive Task Force.  This partnership with the U.S. Marshals Service allows Unit Members in Marion County to attempt to take fugitives from other jurisdictions into custody when they are found to be hiding in Marion County.

The Tactical Investigations Unit is under the command of Sergeant Timothy Liberatore.  They are first tasked with investigating robberies that occur within the unincorporated areas of Marion County. When not investigating robberies, the unit is able to monitor crime trends, such as vehicle and residential burglaries, assaults, thefts, and drug/vice crimes, and provide enhanced patrols in unmarked vehicles to curb those trends before they get out of control. The unit not only arrests individuals that are committing various street and narcotics related crimes, but is constantly obtaining intelligence and leads on other crimes to assist the Property Crimes Detectives, Major Crimes Detectives and Drug Task Force Agents.