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School Resource Officer (SRO) – DARE


S.R.O. (School Resource Officer) program places emphasis on prevention of juvenile delinquency by developing a positive and favorable community/student police relationship.  The SRO focus is on rapport building, attitude change, counseling and resource assistance.  In the event that a crime occurs on school grounds, the SRO will be responsible for taking appropriate law enforcement action.


Allen Brooks
Lake Weir Middle School
671-6120 Ext. 56082

Jim Long
Forest High School
671-4702 Ext. 58514

Jeff Peebles
Fort McCoy
671-6325 Ext. 52114

Drew Mitchem
Belleview High School
671-6210 Ext. 55014

David Batterton
Dunnellon Middle School
465-6720 Ext. 55214

Shannon Wiles
Liberty Middle School

Tasha Nix
North Marion High School
671-6010 Ext. 59114

Juan Ocasio
Horizon Academy
671-6290 Ext. 57270

Anthony Oswald
Dunnellon High School
465-6745 Ext. 58275

Tracy Kugler
Belleview Middle School
671-6235 Ext. 55014

Rhonda Rolls
North Marion Middle School
671-6035 Ext. 56214

Shannon Wiles
Lake Weir High School
671-4820 Ext. 58945