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Inmate Booking and Classification


The Booking Unit is responsible for the intake (booking) and release of every inmate brought to the Marion County Jail. Booking receives inmates from all of the Law Enforcement Agencies within Marion County to include:

  • Marion County Sheriff’s Office
  • Ocala Police Department
  • Dunnellon Police Department
  • Belleview Police Department
  • Florida Highway Patrol
  • Department of Transportation
  • Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
  • United States Marshal
  • Any other agency making arrests within the county

The Classifications Unit is responsible for the classification and cell assignment of every inmate in the jail, clearing inmate workers for worker status, determining release dates, checking release packets, calculating inmate work time earned, reviewing inmate records and confirming warrants after hours. Additionally, they are responsible for processing court dispositions, criminal histories and arrest reports.

The Warrants Unit enters all the warrants into the local and national system through FCIC and NCIC databases.  The deputies then use this information to apprehend wanted persons.  The Warrants Unit is contacted daily to ascertain if someone has an active warrant.  FDLE and the FBI conduct audits of this unit to ensure proper procedures are being done with entering warrants into NCIC/FCIC.