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Emergency Management Division

Lieutenant Chip Wildy
Emergency Management Director



Welcome to the Marion County Emergency Management Division.


The Emergency Management Division is Marion County’s lead agency for coordination of emergency and disaster response activities. Emergency Management’s mission is to provide a comprehensive and aggressive emergency preparedness response, recovery and mitigation program in order to save lives, protect property and reduce the effects of disasters in Marion County.

The staff of Emergency Management is responsible for developing and coordinating programs that protect the public’s health and safety from large scale hazards, such as exposure to biological and chemical agents, explosive and incendiary devices and natural disasters.

What We Do!
Our daily responsibilities include:

  • Monitoring severe weather and tropical weather conditions;
  • Provide response to natural, manmade and technological events;
  • Develop and coordinate programs that will protect the public’s health and safety from large scale natural and technological hazards;
  • Maintain a registry of special needs residents;
  • Provide assistance to other emergency management programs;
  • Provide mutual aid assistance to other jurisdictions;
  • Comply with federal and state emergency management regulations and standards;
  • Review emergency plans for nursing homes, assisted living facilities, ambulatory centers and hospitals;
  • Collection and distribution of emergency related information;
  • Conduct emergency and disaster preparedness seminars and trainings;
  • Participate in emergency drills and exercises;
  • Develop and maintain the County’s Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan;
  • Serve as liaison to the Florida Division of Emergency Management