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Weather and Storm Alerts


NOAA Weather Alert Radio


The National Weather Service operates the All Hazards Weather Alert Radio Network. This is a service that provides for a 24-hour broadcast that includes the local forecasts, observations, special weather statements, marine data, and bulletins from the National Hurricane Center

All Hazards Weather Alert Radios also have an alarm feature that will alert you whenever a hazardous weather watch or warning has been issued by the National Weather Service. This alarm activates the radio from a silent standby mode to alert you to any severe weather threat. The alarm feature can also be used by Emergency Management to alert the public to any large scale non-weather related hazard such as a hazardous material incident or terrorist attack.

Modern All Hazards Weather Alert Radios can be programmed specifically to the local area so you will only hear warnings that apply to the local area. This feature is called S.A.M.E known as Specific Area Message Encoding.


The weather broadcast is received locally in Marion County on the following frequencies:

162.400 MHz originating out of Inverness

162.475 MHz originating out of Gainesville

162.500 MHz originating out of Sumterville

162.525 MHz originating out of Ocala

The SAME code for Marion County is 012083.

When you set up your All Hazards Weather Alert Radio, be sure you locate the radio where it has clear reception and where it can be easily heard in your home.



CodeRed is a Marion County service by which residents and businesses can register to be notified by telephone, text and/or email regarding emergencies or critical protective actions required to safeguard life and property. The system will be used solely at the direction of Emergency Management or other public safety officials as determined necessary and useful. Potential uses include: Hazardous Chemical Releases, Evacuations, Missing Persons, Escaped Convict, etc.

Click the CodeRED logo to register.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding CodeRED

For more information on CodeRed you can contact 352-369-8100.