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Posted on Mar 28, 2014

Position Vacancy – Parttime Background Investigator


Job description for this position is: This is a very responsible investigative position requiring an experienced certified deputy to perform background investigations for pre-employment purposes.

The minimum qualifications for this position are: Must be a certified law enforcement officer as defined by CJSTC; have two years’ experience, with average or above average patrol activity; complete background investigation training as required by the Agency within 6 months; must have successfully completed and maintained proficiency in firearms and driver’s certification; the ability to deal with both employees and general public in a tactful, impartial and professional manner.

Duties: Conduct Law Enforcement, Courthouse, Academic, and other records checks; must be able to conduct personal and passed employers references; along with neighborhood checks; will complete a comprehensive report reference the findings of the applicant’s background. Some regional traveling required.

Working Conditions: Indoor and outdoor environment with considerable field work.

The pay grade assigned to this position: $12.00 an hours

Anyone interested should apply by down loading an application from Marion County Sheriff Office website ( or pick up a hard copy of an application from the Marion County Sheriff’s Office Operation Center.