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Professional Compliance Bureau


Major Don Maines
Bureau Chief

The Bureau of Professional Compliance is charged with maintaining and improving standards of performance for all employees at the Marion County Sheriff’s Office. This Bureau consists of 1) Internal Affairs 2) Training 3) Criminal Analysis 4) Gang Intelligence 5) Volunteer Services

1) Internal Affairs- all MCSO employees are bound to strictly adhere to the policies and procedures within the department and to comply with all state laws. The Internal Affairs division investigates all received complaints to their logical conclusion regarding MCSO employees. To file a complaint with the Internal Affairs Division please utilize the “Citizen Complaint Form”.

2) Training- Sheriff Blair has initiated a structured training regimen to help insure that all sworn employees are “Combat Ready” for any situation they may encounter. This program helps employees become more proficient in the areas of Firearms, Defensive Tactics, Driving techniques and Physical Agility. Each sworn employee participates in quarterly training in all of these high stress focused areas. Additionally, each employee will successfully run the half mile obstacle course within prescribed time limits to insure physical fitness.

3) Criminal Analysis- the MCSO employs a full time analyst to evaluate crime trends within Marion County. This analyst works in conjunction with our Property Crimes Detectives, Tactical Interdiction and Warrants teams to coordinate all investigations and predict criminal trends.