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Evidence Division

Lieutenant Chris Vorisek
Evidence Division Commander


The Evidence Unit is comprised of a DNA Screening Lab, Latent Examination Unit, Forensics Unit and the Property & Disposals Unit. Each of these functions is vital to the collection, examination, and storage of evidence that will be used in court to prosecute criminals. The labs and crime scene technicians are well trained and equipped with technical devices that enable the necessary evidence to be collected and processed. For instance; DNA, hair, fiber, blood, fingerprints, videos, and other items are processed with special chemicals, light sources, or visual enhancement devices enabling clear identification of offenders.


New Schedule for Retrieving Property

Beginning Monday, March 19th, 2012, the only days property will be released to the public are Tuesday and Wednesday between the hours of 0830-1630.

To schedule an appointment to retrieve property, members of the public need to call 369-6864.  If there is no answer, a recording will pick up and a property technician will call the citizen back to arrange a time for pickup.

For Firearms taken as a result of a Baker Act or Civil Injunction use this form.

This procedure will minimize the wait time for the public for releases.