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Major Crimes Division



The staff of the Major Crimes Division

Major Crimes Unit

Detectives are responsible for investigating homicides and other felony assaults, suicides, drowning, overdoses and other unexplained deaths. Detectives also work closely with the 5th Judicial District Medical Examiner’s Office to ensure that cases are worked thoroughly and properly and with the prosecutors at the State Attorney’s Office in an effort to successfully prosecute criminals. This year there were 12 homicide cases involving 14 victims. 11 of these cases were closed resulting in a 93% closure rate. In addition, detectives worked 61 suicides, 44 accidental deaths, and 13 other-type death cases. The Agency also worked 74 natural deaths in Marion County.

In 2013, the Bureau of Special Investigations received 1,055 cases, which includes death and sex-related, child abuse, internet crimes and sex offender/predator violations. The Bureau closed 1,044 of the cases assigned in 2013, resulting in a 99% closure rate for the year and a 99% closure rate for the month of December.

Cargo Theft Task Force

The Cargo Theft Task Force conducted 21 undercover deployments in Marion County in 2010 bringing the total operations to date to 259. There has been an increase in cargo thefts reported nationally, however statewide efforts have resulted in a decrease. 2010 marked another year for the decrease in cargo thefts in Marion County, with no successful thefts this year. Florida reports have indicated a decrease in cargo theft values from $38.9 million reported in 2009, to $27.4 million in 2010.

The Sheriff’s Office assists the statewide task force in their investigations, conducting undercover operations and leading the way in reducing cargo thefts in Florida. The Sheriff’s Office has continued to co-chair the National Cargo Theft Task Force with the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) which organized a national cargo theft website, the annual summit in Washington D.C., and the readoption of the National Strategy. A direct result of these efforts include the passing of new laws or updating existing laws in the State of Florida regarding penalties for cargo theft, investigative processes against cargo theft suspects, and Federal Legislation to update Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) which will assist in identifying the larger, national picture of cargo theft.

MYICU (Marion Youth Internet Crimes Unit)

The Marion Youth Internet Crimes Unit (MYICU) is a member of the North Florida Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) task force which is one of three task forces in the state of Florida. In July 2009, the unit obtained a full time detective whose position was funded by a Department of Justice grant that was applied for by the Special Investigations Bureau through the North Florida ICAC. The unit investigates any crimes in which a juvenile is being victimized through the use of the computer and/or the internet. This includes on-line solicitation of children and child pornography, as well as those child related crimes perpetrated over electronic devices such as cellular telephones or “smart” phones.

In October 2009, MY-ICU started a volunteer unit to maintain a presence on the internet. This unit focuses on gathering intelligence from the internet. This intelligence includes information such as minors putting themselves at risk online, sex of-fenders using unregistered email accounts or juveniles involved in gang or other criminal activity.