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Information Technology Unit


The Information Technology Unit is responsible for…..

The Radio Maintenance Department has three FCC licensed technicians and one installer. The facility provides in-house maintenance and calibration of all Sheriff’s Office radios, radars, sirens, light bars, alarms, video equipment, mobile data terminals and other equipment. Outfitting of vehicles and installation of all equipment is also accomplished in-house.

Radio Maintenance also manages the telecommunications systems for the Sheriff’s Office. All telephones are repaired, installed and programmed by this department.

The agency has a Multi-Media Specialist who is responsible for all audio/visual projects the Sheriff’s Office has, such as maintaining and developing the Agency website, production of all visual material from letterheads to billboards, video production, and A/V support for presentations. this position works closely with all bureaus and divisions to ensure the Agency as a whole maintains a professional appearance and uniform message. If you have any questions regarding the Agency website please send an email to or call (352) 368-3596.